31st May 2015

The 2015 Clacton Bus Rally was a family day out as well as an enthusiast event.

Vehicle Entries

These were the entries received for the 2015 Clacton Bus Rally. Attendance of heritage vehicles depended on operability on the day. Different vehicles may be substituted by operators.


0001. BUF426C - Leyland PD3 / Northern Counties Queen Mary Open Top – Southdown livery
Entered by Fred Lawrance
New to Southdown in 1965 as a convertible open top, numbered 426. It was later sold to Harris Bus of Grays before languishing at Ensignbus for 5 years prior to preservation with the Worthing 426 group. She was purchased by Fred Lawrance and now operates in open-top form. During 2013 she underwent a complete engine overhaul.

0002. UFM53F - Bristol RE I ECW – Crosville
Entered by Chris Sampson, Fred Lawrance & Bob Sharpe.
New to Crosville in 1968 and allocated fleet number ERG53, this vehicle operated from depots across the Cheshire area. It worked for a number of independent operators in the Liverpool area before being preserved and painstakingly restored by Paul Ashman of Colne Estuary Preserved Buses before being acquired by its current owners for continued preservation.

0003. FWC439H - Bristol RELL / ECW – Eastern National
Entered by David Edwards.
New to Eastern National in 1969 and allocated fleet number 1516, this operated from Kelvedon, Silver End and Chelmsford depots for a number of years before being sold to Kent Council for use as a caravan. Now restored to Eastern National condition.

0004. UUF335J - Leyland Leopard I Plaxton – Southdown
Entered by John Ward & John Roberts.
New to Southdown in 1971 and allocated fleet number 1835, this coach has been with several owners since, notably Woods Coaches of Barnsley; Fairline Mini Coaches, and Carrs Coaches before entering preservation. As part of its preservation, it has been partly fitted with seats and tables.

0005. SDX35R - Leyland Atlantean / Roe - Ipswich Buses.
Entered by Leon Wells
New 1977 to Ipswich Borough Transport as No 35 to replace the rear-platform half cab double deckers. Originally in the light cream livery with green stripes signifying a one-man operated buses, it was reliveried in the 1980s into green and cream livery, acquiring the darker green "skirt" in the 1990s. After being withdrawn from service, No 35 was sold to Carters Coach Services, and fused for schools service. After being sold by Carters, it languished, minus its seats, for several years. It was acquired in 2012 by Leon Wells and Dan Trent as a long-term restoration project.

0006. UVX7S - Bristol LH / ECW – Eastern National
Entered by Sarah Hartwell.
New to Eastern National in 1977 and allocated fleet number 1103, this operated from Colchester depot for a number of years before being sold to Hedingham Onmibus. Now preserved, it doesn't bear the livery of either operator, and bears a commemorative Tilling-style Eastern National livery instead.

0007. WAH587S – Leyland Greenway / East Lancs – Eastern Counties
Entered by Richard Walker / Suffolk Bus Preservation Group.
New to Eastern Counties in 1977 as a Leyland-engined Leyland National in red. It was refurbished in 1995 with a Gardner engine and Greenway body. It was acquired by Carters Coach Services early in 2003 and then by its current owner for preservation in 2011. WAH587S is now displayed in red Eastern Counties livery.

0008. JHJ150V - Leyland National – Eastern National
Entered by Adam Barham.
New to Eastern National in 1981, it was the last Mk l Leyland National new to that operator. It finished its working life as a driver trainer for the company before being retired. It has been fully restored and preserved by A Barham & Sons.

0009. KOO79OV - Bristol VR/ ECW – Eastern National
Entered by Luke Deal.
New to Eastern National in 1981 and allocated fleet number 3072, the bus operated from a number of Essex depots until becoming a Heritage Vehicle for First Essex Buses. It was acquired by its present owner in 2010.

0010. SVW274K - Bristol RELL / ECW – Eastern National
Entered by Luke Deal.
New to Eastern National in 1972 as Fleet Number 1546. It remained in service with ENOC until the 1980s. It was later operated by Essex County Council Education Department as a non-PCV bus. From May 1994 it saw service with Carters Coach Services (of Capel St Mary, Ipswich) and in April 1999, it became part of their historic vehicles fleet. It was acquired in June 2013 by Luke Deal, restored inside and out, and now displays its original NBC Leaf Green livery.

0011. RGV690W - Bedford YMT / Duple Dominant II – Prince of the Road
Entered by Dan Trent / Suffolk Bus Preservation Group.
New to Suffolk County Council in April 1980. It later went to Hodges Coaches of Sandhurst; then Jervis of Stoke-on-Trent in December 2009.

0012. JJT437N - Bristol VR / ECW – Hants & Dorset
Entered by Michael Cole.
New to Hants & Dorset in 1974 as 3325, this operated from Salisbury and Poole depots. Upon withdrawal from Wilts & Dorset it went to Beestons and then Venturer Travel before entering preservation.

0013. KRU848W - Bristol VR / ECW – Wilts & Dorset
Entered by Michael Cole.
New to Hants & Dorset in December 1980, becoming a Wilts & Dorset bus in 1983. It was totally refurbished by December 1996 and ended its service life at Lymington in 2008. It was later acquired by Michael Cole and has been restored and reliveried in Wilts & Dorset colours.

0014. A175VFM - Leyland Olympian / ECW – Wilts & Dorset
Entered by Michael Cole, Sarah Cole, Bradley Brooks.
New to Crosville Wales in 1984 it was sold to Wilts & Dorset in 1990 and later served with the Go South Coast Group (GSC) which had acquired Southern Vectis, Wilts & Dorset and Damory Coaches. It became part of the GSC Event Fleet until 2012 when Wilts & Dorset / Damory disposed of a number of older vehicles.

0015. C415HJN - Leyland Olympian / ECW – Eastern National (First Group)
Entered by Michael Cole.
New to Eastern National in 1986 and allocated fleet number 4015, this vehicle operated from several depots across Essex. It later gained the fleet number 34815 with First Essex Buses before being withdrawn and entering preservation in FirstGroup livery.

0016. B115LDX - Leyland Bristol B21 / Alexander – Ipswich Buses
Entered by Suffolk Bus Preservation Group.
B115LDX is one of six left-hand drive B21 chassis originally destined for Tel Aviv. When the order was cancelled, it was converted to right-hand drive for Ipswich Borough Transport. It has chassis plates from its time in both left-hand drive (export) and right-hand drive form. After service with Ipswich Buses, it was used for schools services, occasionally being hired to Carters Coach Services for school work, then sold to Galloway Coachlines for schools service.

0017. R186DDX - Optare Excel – Ipswich Park & Ride (Rally Control bus)
Entered by Leon Wells / Suffolk Bus Preservation Group.
A former Ipswich Buses Optare Excel, it was new to Park & Ride services in Ipswich before being sold to Norfolk Green. It has been restored to Park & Ride livery.


Yeldham Transport Museum are sending a number of vehicles to be displayed together.

0021. P337ROO – DAF DB250RS / Northern Counties Palatine 2 – Harris Bus / Ilford Link
Colin Thorne . Former Harris Bus/Ilford Link bus, currently rallied in its previous operator's (TM Travel) livery. Based at Yeldham Transport Museum.

0022. UAR597W - Bristol VR /ECW – Eastern National
Entered by John Day.
New to Eastern National as fleet number 3l07 in 1981. The vehicle has worked across Essex, ending its Eastern National service at Walthamstow Garage before transferring to Western National. It later entered preservation and is now in the ownership of former Eastern National driver John Day. It is currently undergoing exterior refurbishment.

0023. WNO479 - Bristol KSW /ECW (Open Top) – Eastern National
Entered by John Day.
The only KSW to have remained with Eastern National and its successors. This 1953 open top bus became part of the First East England heritage fleet based in Clacton and was used for occasional wedding hire and similar private hire work before entering preservation with John Day.

0024. F143PHM – Volvo B10M / Alexander – Grey - Green
Terry Collett.
Alexander-bodied Volvo, new to Grey-Green in 1988. It has also served with Arriva London North (red and cream livery), Fleetlink and latterly Crawley Luxury Coaches. It was most recently liveried in green and cream, but may be restored to one of its former liveries.

0025. TCD490J - Bristol RESL6L / Marshall Camagna 2 - Southdown Green/Cream
Entered by John Wilcox.
New to Southdown in September 1970, this was one of 10 RESLs delivered to Southdown with the powerful Leyland 680 engine. It was withdrawn in the mid 1980s and sold to Culinan Coaches, Wealden PSV, Sussex Bus, and finally Blue Lake in Chichester, retiring from service in 1999. After a period with the 490 Group in Worthing, it suffered a major engine failure and was eventually acquired by John Wilcox who spent 4 years restoring it to its present immaculate condition.

0026. PHA319M - Leyland Leopard/ Marshall Camagna 2 - Red & White
Entered by John Wilcox.
New to Midland Red at Worcester in May 1974 as fleet number 319. During service with Midland Red she moved between Worcester, Ludlow, Tamworth and Bromsgrove depots. When Midland Red closed in September 1981, 319 passed to Midland Red (West) Limited and remained at Bromsgrove depot until September 1983. While most of the Bromsgrove fleet was divided between Worcester and Redditch, 319 was the only vehicle to relocate to Evesham and remained there for the rest of her time with Midland Red West. In June 1987 she was reliveried in red and cream. In June 1990, Midland Red West sold 319 to the West Midland Sea Angling Club who removed, and disposed of, all of the seats except the back row. She was originally restored back in 2006 with seats from a Plaxton coach. 319 was acquired in January 2013 by the present owner and spent a substantial length of time off of the road being overhauled and restored.

0027. KJD524P - Leyland National - London Transport LS24Red
Entered by Neil Bowyer.
Delivered new to Aldenham Works in July 1976, one of a batch of 51 Leyland Nationals ordered by London Transport to cover for the shortage of buses at that time. LS 24 was allocated to Hounslow Garage in west London the following month replacing the SMS class on local routes. In late 1981 the bus was transferred to Chiswick Works and then to Aldenham for overhaul, returning to Hounslow in April 1982.When Stanwell Buses was set up in 1986, LS 24 was leased to the Westlink fleet, remaining there after the privatisation of London Buses in January 1987. After a brief spell at Kingston Garage, the bus was transferred to the driver training fleet in April 1997 until sold for further use by Thames Valley Training in 1998, gaining their green and cream livery. LS 24 was bought for preservation in February 2001 and, following body repairs, repainted into LT red. The seats have been retrimmed and the bus is now as it was delivered new. The bus was bought by the current owner in November 2005. LS 24 is one of only a few ex LT Nationals still with two door layout and automatic gearbox, and it is hoped to keep it preserved for as long as possible.

0028. KJD535P - Leyland National - London Buses LS35 Red/Gold Livery
Entered by Andrew Davey
1976 Leyland National. New to London Transport and operated on the Docklands Express, route D8. Upon privatisation she went to Westlink. After withdrawal she went to Thames Valley Training at Slough, Berkshire before entering preservation.

Preserved LS35


0031 - 0040 (vehicles TBC)
Vehicles include: Panther Travel Dart MPD (normally based at Stansted (driven by Steve Simister)


0041. AJN825 – Bristol K5G / ECW – Westcliff-on-Sea
Entered by Martin White for the AJN825 Preservation Group.
Always a favourite with photographers and on bus rides, this is a 1939 Bristol K with 5 cylinder Gardner engine. The body is an Eastern Coachworks Low Bridge design. This bus was new to Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services on 31st March 1939 and was lent to Bristol during the war. It is believed to be the oldest K in existence, carrying the oldest known double deck body by ECW of Lowestoft.

0042. GR9007 - Crossley DD42/3 – Sunderland Corporation
Entered by Gary Sharpe (on behalf of J Jackson & T Melia).
One of a batch of 6 delivered to Sunderland Corporation Transport in April 1947. It was converted to a mobile polling station and used as such from 1962 to 1972. It was rescued from a dealers in 1985. Restoration did not start until acquisition by its current owner in 1999. Restoration to its current state took 7 years as the body needed to be completely rebuilt.

0043. 159CLT - Routemaster / Park Royal (1962)London Bus Company
This is a 1962 red Routemaster, fleet number RM1159. Entered by Thomas Simcock on behalf of The London Bus Company. The London Bus Company vehicle will operate London Bus Mystery Tours.

0044. A620JX - Leyland Leopard / Plaxton Paramount - Dons of Dunmow
Steve Harvey / Dons of Dunmow
1983 Leyland Leopard.

0045. MLL963 - AEC Regal IV / MCCW
Entered by Mick Betterton. London Transport RF, built 1952. This 39 seat vehicle operated in the central area as RF326, entering service in 1952 and being withdrawn in 1976.

0046. RUI 6607 – DAF MB230 / Van Hool Alizee - Fizz Coach Trips of Ardleigh
Judy and Ivan Sage , Fizz Coach Trips
Formerly H140AFV with Robinsons Coaches and Genial Travel of Colchester. Fizz Coach Trips operates day trips departing from the Clacton and Colchester area.

0047. E343TYD - Mercedes 709 / Reeves Burgess
Entered by Malcolm Alder of Malcolm's Bus Service
Built 1988 and operated by Village Cars around Woburn and then with with Felix of Long Melford before becoming part of Malcolm'sBus Service. this vehicle is based at Clacton Common coach park.

0048. YDL315 - Bristol Lodekka FS6G - Southern Vectis
Entered by Nigel Harris. Owned by Derek Priddle, Farnham, (representing the Isle of Wight Bus Museum)
YDL315, Souther Vectis Fleet Number 570 was one of a batch of five Bristol FS6G's delivered new to Southern Vectis in Tilling green and Cream livery during July 1962 and were the final rear entrance Lodekkas delivered new to the company. 570 spent the majority of its IOW carrier operating from Shanklin depot. In May 1974, she received NBC Leaf green livery, though as per normal Southern Vectis practice, retained Black wings and had a White band between decks. The bus was withdrawn by the company in July 1980 and was subsequently sold for preservation to its current owner, Derek Priddle in November 1980. Fully maintained and restored in original Tilling Green and Cream. 570 has been regularly rallied since purchase 35 years ago!

0049. VKF894H - Bedford J2 / Plaxton Embassy - Red & white livery
Entered by Peter Goldsmith.
1969 20 seat Bedford J2 "Little Nel" first saw service In Liverpool, but also worked in Somerset, Wales and the Midlands. She was taken out of service in 2002 and was first preserved in Dorset where she changed owners in 2008. In 2014 Little Nel changed owners again and moved to Romford. Small coaches such as Little Nel were mainly used for feeder routes, sports clubs and schools. However, Little Nel has also worked as a bus on route 7 from Belchalwell to Sturminster Newton in Dorset, starting in December 1986 when owned by Brutonian during the time that Brutonian linked with Air Camelot.

0050. LHR446 Bedford OB / Duple
Entered by Brian Stevens.
This 1950 29-seat Bedford OB was restored to its original Kirby's blue-and-cream livery by the current owner during 2011/12.

0051. Project “X” - we're told this is of local interest
Entered by Benjamin Foster, Venturer Coachways.

0052. KGU 4 - Leyland RTL / PD2/1 Metro Cammell
Entered by Richard McAllister
Built in 1949 for London Transport, one of 1631 built with a Leyland 9.8 litre engine developing 125 bhp. By the late 1950s there was a surplus of RTs in London and many were sold off. KGU 4 (RTL 554) was sold in 1966 to Acrow Engineering in London for use as staff transport, then sold on in 1972 for preservation. She had deteriorated and needed to be almost totally rebuilt when she went into preservation.

0053. - Blackwater Preservation Group. Vehicle(s) TBC.

0054. 557 BNG - Bristol LFL - Eastern Counties
Entered by the East Anglian Transport Museum
Built in 1963 and one of only six built. 70-seat FL Lodekka, 30' long with a rear entrance.

0055. – YN54 NXK Mulleys Motorways
Entered by Suffolk Bus Preservation Group on behalf of Mulleys Motorways

0056. M36 KAX Volvo B10M / Plaxton Premiere 350 320
Entered by Tim Phillips on behalf of the Cambridge Omnibus Society
This 1995 coach (dubbed "Mildred") is owned and operated on schools, contract, rail replacement, military and breakdown cover work by Andrew's Coaches of Foxton, Cambridge. Driven and presented today by Tim Phillips of Sawston, Cambridge.
Tim has been able to borrow this coach while awaiting completion of his own preservation project, LFT 5X 'Mary', a 1982 Leyland Tiger Plaxton Supreme V Express

0057. XOI 2526 - Bristol RELL / Alexander (Belfast) - Maroon & Cream livery
Entered by Andrew Cook
Built in 1982. Ulsterbus Bristol RE. Withdrawn from Citybus service in 2003, then spent 2005 - 2009 with a dealer before going into preservation.

0058. APW 829B Bristol MW/ECW – Eastern Counties
Entered by Ipswich Transport Museum
This Bristol MW coach with Gardner 6LW engine, registered APW 829B was new to Eastern Counties in 1964, and features 39 seat bodywork by Eastern Coachworks.

0059. YN06 JYB, JYC or JYD - Scania N94UD / East Lancs OmniDekka - Hedingham Buses, Red with White Relief
Entered by Hedingham Buses
Built in 2006. Recently refurbished as part of a batch of 18 for Hedingham and Chambers, from sister company Metrobus. Another Scania will be on service 137, running through the Factory Outlet, every half hour.

0060. LT52 XAB Dennis Trident 2 / Plaxton President - Westcliff On Sea Motor Services Livery
Entered by James Johnson on behalf of First Buses.
This 2002 Dennis Trident 2 wears a commemorative Westcliff On Sea Motor Services Livery.

0061. VNO859 - Bristol KSW5G 55RD – Eastern National
Entered by Ian Sharpe for the 1407 Preservation Group.
This bus entered service with Eastern National Chelmsford Depot in 1953 and remained with the company until 1970. before going into preservation with the Eastern National 1407 Preservation Group in Hadleigh. This visiting vehicle kindly operated some free services during the day.

0062. MXX480 - AEC Regal 4 / MCCW - London Transport
Entered by David Joseph.
Built 1953. RF503.

0063. OHV747Y - Leyland Titan - LT Golden Jubilee Livery
Entered by Paul Smith on behalf of Talisman Coachlines.
1983 Leyland Titan liveried in gold for London Transport's jubilee. Operated in London on service and for sightseeing. This was purchased from Sullivan Buses in 2012 and was put back on the road in April 2015.

0064. SN15 AFF Wrightbus Streetlite DF - First Buses
Entered by James Johnson on behalf of First Buses. This is, to the date the last brand new bus to be delivered to Hadleigh Depot and has only been in service for 13 days. At the time of entry, the bus was having its Wi-Fi upgraded, showing just how new it is!

0065. P327 HVX - Dennis Dart / Plaxton Pointer - Green
Entered by Trevor Wright on behalf of Upminster & District Omnibus Preservation Group
1996 Dennis Dart, new to GY (Grays) garage, with County Bus (Cowie Group) later with Arriva for TfL route 256 and 346.

0066. S218 LLO - Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine I - Red & Yellow
Entered by Trevor Wright on behalf of Upminster & District Omnibus Preservation Group
1998 Volvo Olympian, new to NP (Northumberland Park) depot with First Capital for TfL route 341. Later also worked from Dagenham and Bracknell depots.