The entries for the 4th Clacton Bus Rally listed in the 2012 programme are listed below. Attendance of heritage vehicles depends on operability on the day. Different vehicles may be substituted by operators. A combination of poor weather and clash with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee saw attendance fall from the previous year. Rally Control was London Transport Routemaster CUV306C.


SN10CCV - Dennis Enviro 400 (Hedingham Omnibuses)
New in 2010 this vehicle carries a livery celebrating 50 years of Hedingham Omni≠buses in 2010. It operated its first passenger carrying duties at the second Clacton Bus Rally in 2010 and has been a regular attendee since.

Dennis Enviro 200 (Hedingham Omnibuses)
One of a number of Dennis Enviro 200 vehicles now in operation for Hedingham.

RGV284N - Leyland Leopard I Willowbrook (Hedingham Omnibuses)
Once a main part of the Hedingham fleet this Leyland Leopard with Willowbrook bodywork now operates as part of the heritage fleet and can often be seen at local bus rallies.

Dennis Enviro 400 (Konectbus)
Konectbus operate services around Mid-Norfolk and recently introduced a fleet of brand new Dennis Enviro 400 double decks to the 8 route linking Dereham and Norwich.


YT59NZM - Scania N230 I Optare (Network Colchester)
New in 2009 to Network Colchester for use on service 1, the vehicle was named Colchester Rose and is in daily operation in and around Colchester.

X976CNO - Volvo B6BLE Wright (New Horizon Travel)
New to Dublin Bus in 2000 and now with New Horizon Travel, this bus regularly operates services around the Frinton and Walton area.

YN54AKK - Scania K114 / Irizar PB (New Horizon Travel)
New to Maney Park of Street, this Scania Irizar coach is now used by New Horizon Travel for Private Hire, Contract and Rail Replacement work.

S351SET - Scania L94LJB I Irizar Century (Three Cís Travel)
New to Ellis of Kelvedon in 1998 and now operated by Three Cís travel for a variety of duties from Rail Replacement to Private Hire and contracts.

TX18756 - Dennis Lancet / Jonckheere (Donís of Dunmow)
Originally new to Youngís of Rampton as B135AAV this short Dennis Lancet was the only one ever built with a Jonckheere P35 body.

Y329FJN - Dennis Dart / Alexander (Ensignbus/City)
One of the latest vehicles in the Ensign fleet. New to East London in 2001, it operated until 2012 on services in London before passing to Ensign who have painted the vehicle into a livery commemorating City Coach Co.

YJN455S - Daf/ Plaxton Staines Crusader (Talisman)
New to Staines Crusader in 1978 this Daf coach is now part of Talisman Coachlines heritage fleet.

R707YWC - Dennis Dart / Plaxton (Malcolms Blue Bus)
New to East London buses in 1997 as a dual door vehicle, this bus later worked for other Stagecoach divisions, being converted to single door. It passed to Carters Coach Services, whose livery it currently carries, but it is now operated by Malcolmís Blue Bus.

FAH27SY - Volvo B1OM I Plaxton (Peelings / Smiths)
New to Smiths of Wood Norton in 1982, this bus is now owned by Peelings Coaches, but retains the Smiths livery.

VLT177 - Volvo B10M / Plaxton (Panther Travel)
New to Thamesway for City Saver routes between Southend and London as N611APU. This coach was operated by First throughout its life before joining the Panther Travel fleet.

T105JBC Volvo BIOM / Plaxton (Panther Travel)
New to First Wessex in 1999 the coach operated with First throughout its life until pur≠chased by Panther Travel for use on Rail Replacement and other contract work,

P390LPS - Dennis Dart I Alexander (Panther Travel)
New to Stagecoach Western, this vehicle has also operated for Regal Busways before joining the Panther Travel fleet.

RY52XSX - Mercedes Vito (Panther Travel / A Barham & Sons)
This Mercedes Vito is used as both a fleet vehicle for Panther Travel and also used by the Commercial Vehicle engineering arm of the company.

TBC - Ensignbus
Weather permitting, Ensign have kindly offered to send an unspecified open top bus to Clacton for use on the Open Top service today. It is normally used on Private Hire work including Derby Day race specials.

TBC - Regal Busways
TBC - Essex County Council Park & Ride


P190SGV - Optare Excel (Norfolk Green / Ipswich Bus Preservation Group)
New to Ipswich Buses, but for standard service work in Ipswich. It was then sold to Norfolk Green and is now preserved by the Ipswich Bus Preservation Group.

L96UNG - Volvo B6 / Alexander (Green / Chris Beard)
New to Ambassador in 1994 the vehicle has worked for Hedingham Omnibuses, Gardbus and APL Travel before being preserved by Chris Beard. It is now based at the Yeldham Transport Museum.

J317XVX - Dennis Dart / Wrightbus (County Bus & Coach / Colin Thorne)
New to County Bus & Coach, Harlow, in 1992 as DW3 17. The vehicle passed to Autopoint and is now preserved by Colin Thorne.

KVF658E - Bristol RE / ECW (Eastern Counties / Eastern Transport Collection)
New to Eastern Counties in 1968 as RS658. It was withdrawn in 1981 and passed to current owners, the Eastern Transport Collection.

IIL4317 - Neoplan Cityliner (Clover Red/Atlantic Coast)
New to Clevedon Motorways, Bristol in 1982 it was converted in the late 1990s to a Band Touring bus for the music industry and run by Atlantic Coast/Jumbo Cruiser. It was acquired by its present owner in May 2007 for preservation.

TBC - John Wilson
We are pleased to welcome John Wilson with one of his 3 vehicles today. John owns a collection of Ex-Eastern National buses including the only remaining Alexander Leyland Tiger, along with the oldest remaining Eastern National Leyland National.


KJD524P/KJD535P Leyland National (London Transport)
New to London Tranpsort in 1976 as LS24 and LS35 respectively they were both allocated to Hounslow Garage and operated in West London until privatisation in 1994. They transferred to Westlink before moving to the Training Fleet. They where then sold in 1998 to Thames Valley Training, before entering preservation.

KXW234 AEC Regent / Weymann (London Country /EATM)
New to London Country in 1950, this vehicle is now part of the East Anglia Transport Museum collection at Carlton Colville.

LYF464 - AEC Regal IV (Green Line / R Hood)
New in 1952, RF113 is a London Country area vehicle, presented in Green Line livery and preserved by R Hood.

JJD419D - AEC Routemaster I Park Royal (London Country / R Hood)
New to London Country as RML2419 in 1966. It latterly worked for Metroline before withdrawal in 2004 and preservation by R Hood.

LUC253 - AEC Regent / Park Royal (London Bus Company)
New to London Transport this bus is now one of the Heritage vehicles operated by London Bus company. It was one of several vehicles sent to Canada and has recently been re≠patriated.

JJD463D - AEC Routemaster /Park Royal (London Transport)
New to London Transport in 1966 the vehicle operated throughout its life in London. It ended its working life with London United before entering preservation.


GR9007 - Crossley DD42 (Sunderland Corporation Transport / )
A regular and favourite at local rallies, this was one of a batch of 6 delivered to Sunderland Corporation Transport in April 1947. It was converted to a mobile polling station and used as such from 1962 to 1972. Rescued from a Dealers in 1985, however restoration did not start until acquisition by its current owner in 1999. Restoration took 7 years as the body has been completely rebuilt.

VNO859 - Bristol KSW I ECW (Eastern National / 1407 Preservation Group)
New to Eastern National in 1953 at around the same time as the Hicks Brothers were taken over by the company, the vehicle was fitted with staggered top deck seating for London routes from the Halstead/Braintree areas. It was also fitted from new with Rear platform doors. It is now preserved by the 1407 Preservation Group

AJN825 - Bristol K ECW (Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services / 825 Preservation Group)
Another regular and favourite at local events, AJN was new to Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services in 1939. It transferred to Eastern National in the mid 1950ís. It was withdrawn and placed on loan to various museums, but returned to Eastern National in the late 1980s as part of their Heritage Fleet. It was unfortunately involved in the depot fire at Walton, however it was restored by Firstgroup. In 2007 the vehicle was sold to the 825 Preservation Group who have completed the restoration work.


UUF335J - Leyland Leopard I Plaxton (Southdown / John Ward & John Roberts)
New to Southdown in 1971 and allocated fleet number 1835, this coach has been with several owners since, notably Woods Coaches of Barnsley; Fairline Mini Coaches, and Carrs Coaches before entering preservation. As part of its preservation, it has been partly fitted with facing seats and tables.

UVX7S - Bristol LH / ECW (Eastern National / Sarah Hartwell)
New to Eastern National in 1977 and allocated fleet number 1103, this operated from Colchester depot for a number of years before being sold to Hedingham Onmibus. It is displayed in a commemorative Tilling-style Eastern National livery.

FWC439H - Bristol RE / ECW (Eastern National / David Edwards)
New to Eastern National in 1969 and allocated fleet number 1516, this operated from Kelvedon, Silver End and Chelmsford depots for a number of years before being sold to Kent Council for use as a caravan. Now restored to Eastern National condition.

C415HJN - Leyland Olympian / ECW (First Eastern National / Michael Cole)
New to Eastern National in 1986 and allocated fleet number 4015, this vehicle operated from several depots across Essex. It later gained the fleet number 34815 with First Essex Buses before being withdrawn and entering preservation in Firstgroup livery.

UFM53F - Bristol RE I ECW (Crosville / Paul Ashman)
New to Crosville in 1968 and allocated fleet number ERG53, this vehicle operated from depots across the Cheshire area. It worked for a number of independent operators in the Liverpool area before being preserved and painstakingly restored by its current owner.

BUF426C - Leyland PD3 / Queen Mary (Southdown / Fred Lawrance & Chris Sampson)
New to Southdown in 1965 as a convertible open top, numbered 426. It was later sold to Harris Bus of Grays before languishing at Ensignbus for 5 years prior to preservation with the Worthing 426 group. She was purchased by the current owner and now operates in open-top form.

SPK203M - Leyland Leopard I Plaxton (Green Line / Fred Lawrance & Richard Walker)
New to London & Country in 1973, SPK203M was allocated fleet number P3. It worked for Edwards Thomas & Sons before being used by London Bus Preservation Trust as a driver trainer before entering preservation.

KOO79OV - Bristol VR/ ECW (Eastern National / Luke Deal)
New to Eastern National in 1981 and allocated fleet number 3072, the bus operated from a number of Essex depots until becoming a Heritage Vehicle for First Essex Buses. It was acquired by its present owner in 2010.

YEV307S - Leyland National (Westcliff-On-Sea Motor Services / Adam Barham)
New to Eastern National in 1977 and allocated fleet number 1849, this operated from Hadleigh and Basildon depots and became part of the Thamesway fleet upon the split of Eastern National/Thamesway. It was later fitted with a Volvo engine and worked for operators including Birmingham Coach Company, West Sussex County Council and A Barham & Sons. It has entered preservation under the ownership of A Barham & Sons.

JHJ150V - Leyland National (Eastern National / Adam Barham)
New to Eastern National in 1981, it was the very last Mk l Leyland National new to that operator. It finished its working life as a driver trainer for the company before being retired. It has been fully restored and preserved by A Barham & Sons.

JJT437N - Bristol VR / ECW (Venturer Travel / Michael Cole)
New to Hants & Dorset in 1974 and allocated fleet number 3325, this operated from Salisbury and Poole depots. Upon withdrawal from Wilts & Dorset it went to Beestons and then Venturer Travel before entering preservation.

R186DDX - Optare Excel (Norfolk Green / Leon Wells)
A former Ipswich Buses Optare Ex≠cel, it was new to Park & Ride services in Ipswich before being sold to Norfolk Green, whose livery it currently carries. It will be restored to Ipswich Buses condition in due course.

CUV306C - AEC Routemaster (London Transport / Mark Lawford)
New to London Transport in red, this Routemaster has also carried London Country Green during its service life. It is now preserved by Mark Lawford and will be the Rally Control vehicle at the 2012 Clacton Bus rally.


The following stalls are expected to be at this event.

Carol Pickering Bus Collections (Books, Models, Badges and more)
Eastside Diner (hot and cold drinks, burgers, bacon rolls etc)
Essex Bus Enthusiast Group (books, EBEG publications etc)
Essex Transport Sales (Colour and B&W photos)
J Bowden (transport related items ranging from Photos to Magazines, books and models)
Lewisham Toys & Models (models, books and photos)
M Chaplin (collectible toys and models)
Mankim Models (diecast models)
R Franklin (transport related memorabilia)
Robin Clare Transport Videos (high quality bus DVDs from around the UK and other items)

Colne Estuary Rally Control Stall: programmes and other fundraising items as well as being an information point.