These were the entries seen at the 3rd Clacton Bus Rally in June 2010. As always, attendance of heritage vehicles depended on operability on the day. The rally took place on a mostly bright, but breezy, day. Rally Control was Southdown Leopard UUF335J

A250SVW - Leyland Tiger Duple Caribbean (Southend Corporation)
New in 1984 to Southend Corporation as fleet number 250 for use on commuter services and private hire work. This coach later passed to Colchester Borough Transport before ending its working life with Arriva. It then passed to Ensignbus dealers made it part of their heritage fleet and restored it to its original livery.

A695OHG - Leyland Tiger / Alexander (Eastern National)
This coach was new to Eastern National as their 1126.

AJN825 - Bristol K / ECW (Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services / AJN Group)
New to Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services in 1939. It became part of Tilling-owned Eastern National when the two companies merged in the 1950s. It was restored by them as a heritage vehicle in Westcliff livery, but was damaged in a depot fire in the 1990s. After a second restoration, Firstgroup sold the vehicle to its present owners who have completed the restoration work.

AU58FFS – First Eastern Counties

BJ11ECT – First Essex (Park & Ride)

BUF426C - Leyland PD3 / Queen Mary (Southdown / F Lawrance)
This vehicle was new to Southdown Motor Services in 1965 as a convertible open-top. Previous owners included South Essex operator Harris of Grays before this PD3 passed into preservation. The bus was acquired by its present owner in 2010 and converted to open-top form. It is a great favourite with the public on free rides at rallies.

C415HJN - Leyland Olympian / ECW (First Eastern National / Michael Cole)
New to Eastern National in 1986 and allocated fleet number 4015, this vehicle operated from several depots across Essex. It later gained the fleet number 34815 with First Essex Buses before being withdrawn and entering preservation in Firstgroup livery.

DHZ3370 - Mercedes Benz Bus


EU58JCJ – (Hedingham Omnibuses)

EY57FZE – (Hedingham Omnibuses)

FAH275Y – Volvo B10M-61 / Plaxton Supreme V (Smiths Coaches)
Plaxton-bodied Volvo exhibited by V Smith of Wood Norton.

FWC439H - Bristol RELL / ECW (Eastern National / D Edwards)
New to Eastern National in 1969 and originally allo­cated to Chelmsford. It worked at Kelvedon and Silver End depots before ending its working days back at Chelmsford. In 1983 it was sold to dealers, Ensignbus, who sold it to Kent County Council. The bus was converted into a caravan. In the 1990s, it was sold to a private owner in Peterborough and used as a mobile home, but became dilapidated. It entered preservation in 1996 and was returned to bus form. The present owner acquired it in 2001.

GR90007 - Crossley DD42 (Sunderland Corporation)
One of a batch of 6 delivered to Sunderland Corporation Transport in April 1947. It was converted to a mobile polling station and used as such from 1962 to 1972. It was rescued from a dealers in 1985. Restoration did not start until acquisition by its current owner in 1999. Restoration to its current state took 7 years as the body needed to be completely rebuilt

IIL4317 Neoplan Cityliner (Clover Red/Atlantic Coast)
New to Clevedon Motorways, Bristol in 1982, it was converted in the late l990s to a Band Touring bus for the music industry and run byAtlantic Coast/Jumbo Cruiser. It was acquired by its present owner in May 2007 for preservation.

IUI2735 Volvo B10M-61 / Ikarus Blue Danube (Panther Travel)
New to Goode Coaches of West Bromwich in September 1989. Exhibited in 2011 by Panther Travel of Parkeston, Harwich.

J317XVX - Dennis Dart / Wrightbus (County Bus & Coach / Colin Thorne)
New to County Bus & Coach, Harlow, in 1992 as DW3 17. The vehicle passed to Autopoint and is now preserved by Colin Thorne.

J838TSC – (Hedingham Omnibuses)

JHJ150V - Leyland National (Eastern National)
New to Eastern National in 1979 as the last Mark 1 Leyland National, this bus operated out of various North Essex depots before becoming a driver training vehicle. It was the very last Leyland National to work with First Essex Buses as a driver trainer before being withdrawn completely. It passed into preservation and spent a time languishing outdoors before being acquired by A Barham & Sons and extensively restored in 2009.

JJD419D - AEC Routemaster I Park Royal (London Country / R Hood)
New to London Country as RML2419 in 1966. It latterly worked for Metroline before withdrawal in 2004 and preservation by R Hood.

JJD480D – RML 2480

KJD524P – Leyland National (London Transport)
New to London Tranpsort in 1976 as LS24, this was allocated to Hounslow Garage and operated in West London until privatisation in 1994. It was transferred to Westlink before moving to the Training Fleet before being sold in 1998 to Thames Valley Training, before entering preservation.

KN52NDX – Network Colchester

KOO79OV - Bristol VR/ ECW (Eastern National / Luke Deal)
New to Eastern National in 1981 and allocated fleet number 3072, the bus operated from a number of Essex depots until becoming a Heritage Vehicle for First Essex Buses. It was acquired by its present owner in 2010.

KVF658E - Bristol RE / ECW (Eastern Counties / Eastern Transport Collection)
New to Eastern Counties in 1968 as RS658. It was withdrawn in 1981 and passed to current owners, the Eastern Transport Collection.

KYY957 – London Transport

LYF464 - AEC Regal IV (Green Line / R Hood)
New in 1952, RF113 is a London Country area vehicle, presented in Green Line livery and preserved by R Hood.

LIL7804 - Mercedes Mini Supreme / Plaxton (Felix Coaches of Long Melford)
Only 19 Mercedes versions were built between 1981 and 1986, and only two Plaxton-bodied Mercedes Mini Supreme coaches appear to be in preservation (discounting those used as motor-homes). Formerly ANA114Y. Former owners included Shearings, Altrincham (1983); Jones of Sarn, Pwllheli (1989); Ludlow, Telford (1993); Taylor, Penketh (1994); Bradshaw, Alkrington (1995). At this point it was re-registered as LIL7804 before passing to Cunningham of Daventry in 1996. In 1999 it passed to C & G Coaches of Chatteris. It was acquired by Felix Coaches in 2006 and joined the Felix fleet as a working heritage vehicle.

M410RVU – Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine (Stephensons)
This vehicle was new to London Central in 1995 and delivered in Docklands Express livery. It was re-registered as WLT 990 in 1996, but reverted to M410RVU at the end of 1998. In 2001 it was transferred to Metrobus of Crawley. In June 2006 it was sold to Ventura who sold it on to Stephensons in July of that year.

MOO177 - Bristol MW5G / ECW (Eastern National)
Entered service with Eastern National in 1962 as 556, based at Chelmsford. Renumbered 1356 in 1964. Became a driver training vehicle in early 1978 and renumbered 9001. It was withdrawn from service by Eastern National at the end of 1978 and acquired by the 5th Bradford South (Horton Grange) Scout Group, Bradford. During the 2000s it had a succession of private owners. Since Feb 2011 it has been in preservation with David Bateman of Chelmsford.

N316HGV –Tow Truck (Hedingham Omnibuses)
One of two Recovery vehicles in the Hedingham Fleet.

NWW163K - Bristol LH / Plaxton (Coachman Classic Cream/Green)
New to Robinsons of Blackpool before working with Bassetts of Stoke on Trent. Now in the preservationist’s own livery having been repainted from Bassetts livery in early 2009.

P185TGD – Volvo Olympian / Alexander Royale (First Essex)
Built in 1996; fleet no 34285

P390LPS - Dennis Dart / Alexander Dash (Panther Travel)
New to Stagecoach Western, this vehicle has also operated for Regal Busways before joining the Panther Travel fleet.

P934MKL - Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties (Arriva Southern Counties)
Built 1997, fleet no 5934 and based in Southend. This will be one of the last double deck buses in service with Arriva in Southend.

PDZ6274 - Leyland National / East Lancs Greenway (Panther Travel)
New to Guildford & West Surrey as UHG744R

RGV284N - Leyland Leopard I Willowbrook (Hedingham Omnibuses)
Once a main part of the Hedingham fleet this Leyland Leopard with Willowbrook bodywork now operates as part of the heritage fleet and can often be seen at local bus rallies.

RUI6607 – DAF MB230 / Van Hool (Fizz Coach Trips of Ardleigh)
Formerly H140AFV.

SN10CCV – (Hedingham Omnibuses)

SPK203M - Leyland Leopard I Plaxton (Green Line / Fred Lawrance & R Walker)
New to London & Country in 1973, SPK203M was allocated fleet number P3. It worked for Edwards Thomas & Sons before being used by London Bus Preservation Trust as a driver trainer before entering preservation.

TCD490J – Bristol RE / (Southdown)
Making its rally debut after being immaculately restored. This vehicle is at the Yeldham Transport Museum.

TIL2878 - Bedford YMP / Plaxton Paramount (Youngs)
Formerly C989OFR

TXI8756 Dennis Lancet / Jonckeere (Dons of Dunmow)
Formerly B135AAV, this was new to Youngs of Brampton, Cambridge, it then moved to Supreme Coaches, Hadleigh. The coach then passed to Ayres, Dalkeith (Scotland) before being acquired by Don’s of Dunmow in November 1989. It is fitted with 33 seats, toilet and drinks machine. It started life with a Perkins 6354.4 engine; Don’s have changed this to a Cummins C Series 210BHP engine similar to a Dennis Javelin. It is fitted with a LEZ compliant Eminox Exhaust system.

UAR597W - Bristol VR / ECW (Eastern National / John Day)
New to Eastern National as fleet number 3l07 in 1981. The vehicle has worked across Essex, ending its Eastern National service at Walthamstow Garage before transferring to Western National. It later entered preservation and required much mechanical work undertaken. Now in the ownership of former Eastern National driver John Day.

UFM53F - Bristol RELL / ECW (Crosville / P Ashman)
New to Crosville as ERG53 in 1966 it worked many routes across the North West with Crosville, mainly in the Chester area. It has been extensively, and expensively, restored at and returned to Class VI operation in time for the Ensignbus Running Day in 2009. The vehicle is privately preserved in the Essex Area.

UUF335J Leyland Leopard / Plaxton (Southdown / J Roberts )
New to Southdown Motor Services in 1971 as its 1835. The coach is now preserved in North Essex by John Roberts.

UVX7S Bristol LH / ECW (Eastern National / S Hartwell)
One of a set of 4 dual-headlight LHs new to Eastern National in 1977 and operated on routes around Colchester. The whole batch was sold to Hedingham Omnibus in 1982 and spent 17 years in service with Hedingham before being sold on. This and UVX4S entered preservation, though the latter became a source of spare. She now wears a pseudo-Tilling and was acquired by her current owner in 2011.

VHK177L – Eastern National

VN0859 - Bristol KSW / ECW (Eastern National / 1407 Preservation Group)
New to Eastern National in 1953 at around the same time as the Hicks Brothers take over by the company, this vehicle was fitted with staggered top deck seating for London routes from the Halstead/Braintree areas. It was also fitted from new with Rear platform doors. It is now preserved by the 1407 Presentation Group and is a regular rally attendee at rallies the East Anglia Region.

WNO479 - Bristol KSW ECW (Eastern National / First)
The only KSW to have remained with Eastern National and its successors. This open top bus became part of the First East England heritage fleet based in Clacton and is used for occasional wedding hire and similar private hire work.

WN0480 - Bristol KSW / ECW (Talisman Coachlines)
Owned by local coach operator Talisman, WN0480 was new to Eastern National, like the other two entered, as a closed top vehicle. It was converted by the company and has since worked for Town & Country before entering preservation. It is now part of the Heritage fleet at Talisman Coachlines.

X974CNO– Volvo B6BLE / Wright (New Horizon)
Formerly 00-D-70021.

YEV307S - Leyland National (A Barham & Sons)
YEV307S was new to Eastern National in 1978 and based at Basildon and Hadleigh depots before becoming part of Thamesway when this split from the North Essex based Eastern National operation in the early 1990s. It was then sold to Birmingham Coach Company, being converted to a Volvo engine before passing to West Sussex County Council. It was temporarily in preservation in 2008 before being sold to A Barham & Sons in 2009. After a stint as part of his spot hire fleet, it re-entered preservation a year later.

YJ60KGX – Ipswich Buses