Following the success of the 2009 event, CEPB were invited back again to the Clacton Factory Outlet (many thanks to Allan Hassell and the team at Clacton Factory Outlet). In 2010, the rally shared the day with the 50th anniversary of Hedingham Omnibuses. Visitors to the rally site were able to take the short walk (or ride) to the nearby Hedingham Omnibuses depot to view the fleet on display in the yard, including the ADL Enviro fleet.

These were the entries received for the 2nd Clacton Bus Rally in June 2010. Attendance of heritage vehicles depended on operability on the day. Different vehicles may be substituted by operators. The rally took place on a gloriously sunny day and we saw a good turnout of vehicles. This coincided with the 50th anniversary of Hedingham Omnibuses and visitors to the rally site were able to visit the nearby Hedingham Omnibuses depot to view more of the fleet on display in the yard as well as the special Hedingham display at the rally. Rally Control was Blackpool Atlantean GHG343W.

Zone A was reserved for a display of around 10 Hedingham Omnibuses vehicles. The following lists Zones B & C entries in the programme.

B1 - GHG343W - Leyland Atlantean / East Lancs (S Hughes) (Rally Control)
New in June 1981 to Blackpool Corporation, fleet no 343, this vehicle later passed to Fargo Coachlines of Rayne, Braintree and thence to Stephensons of Essex when they took over Fargo's bus operations. It entered preservation in July 2009.

B2 - MRJ233W - Daimler Fleetline / Northern Counties (Southend Corporation / Stephensons)
New in 1981 to Southend Corporation as number 233, this bus has also worked for Fargo Coachlines of Rayne, Braintree. It later passed to Stephensons of Essex who have since restored the vehicle to its former glory in Southend Corporation livery.

B3 - A250SVW - Leyland Tiger Duple Caribbean (Southend Corporation)
New in 1984 to Southend Corporation as fleet number 250 for use on commuter services and private hire work. This coach later passed to Colchester Borough Transport before ending its working life with Arriva. It then passed to Ensignbus dealers made it part of their heritage fleet and restored it to its original livery.

B4 - P390LPS - Dennis Dart / Alexander Dash (Regal Busways)
New to Stagecoach Western Buses in 1996, this bus is now in the fleet of Mid Essex operator Regal Busways. It is used on a range of public services and school routes along with the rest of Regal Busways' large fleet. At the 2010 Clacton Bus rally, this vehicle replaces preserved Southend Transport Leyland National which was withdrawn as an entrant due to mechanical problems.

B5 & B6 - PDZ6274 & PDZ6275 - Leyland National / Greenway (A Barham & Sons)
PDZ6274 & PDZ6275 are pair of Leyland National Greenways owned by A Barham & Sons Commercial Vehicle Engineers. The latest addition is PDZ6274 which has recently been put back into service having previously worked in South Wales and other regions. Both are part of a the A Barham & Sons spot hire fleet.

B7 - YEV307S - Leyland National (A Barham & Sons)
YEV307S was new to Eastern National in 1978 as fleet number 1849. It was based at Basildon and Hadleigh depots before becoming part of Thamesway when this split from the North Essex based Eastern National operation in the early 1990s. It was then sold to Birmingham Coach Company, being converted to a Volvo engine before passing to West Sussex County Council with sister vehicle VNO740S. It was temporarily in preservation in 2008 before being sold to A Barham & Sons in 2009 as part of the spot hire fleet.

B8 - JHJ150V - Leyland National (Eastern National)
New to Eastern National in 1979 as the last Mark 1 Leyland National, fleet number 1924, this vehicle spent its working life based at various North Essex depots. it became the very last Leyland National to work with First Essex Buses as a driver trainer before passing into preservation. It was extensively restored in 2009 and returned to the road by A Barham & Sons as the owner's pet vehicle. It debuted at Clacton Bus Rally in 2009, just days after passing its first MoT since withdrawal by First.

B9 - VNO740S - Leyland National (Thamesway / Blackwater Preservation Group)
New to Eastern National in 1977 as fleet number 1817, this bus was allocated to South Essex depots and became part of the Thamesway fleet when this split from Eastern National. It was later withdrawn and sold with 1849 to Birmingham Coach Company, gaining a Volvo engine in the process. It was later withdrawn and sold along with YEV307S to West Sussex County Council. It was purchased for preservation by the Blackwater Preservation Group in 2008. It is making its preservation debut at the 2010 Clacton Bus Rally.

B10 - G77PKR - Mercedes-Benz 709D / Plaxton (Maidstone & District)
New to Maidstone & District in 1989, it remained with that operator until 1998. This bus is representative of a common type used throughout the UK by various operators following deregulation in 1986. This type of vehicle was popular for high frequency "hopper" routes in many towns and cities.

B11 - KPJ264W - Leyland Atlantean / Roe (London Country Londonlinks)
New to London Country in 1981 as AN264, it ultimately became part of the South West tendered operations unit, Londonlinks, carrying the livery variation on display at the 2010 rally.

B12 - BUF426C - Leyland PD3 / Queen Mary (Southdown / F Lawrance)
This vehicle was new to Southdown Motor Services in 1965 as a convertible open-top. It has since worked for South Essex operator Harris of Grays (amongst other operators) before passing into preservation. The bus was acquired by its present owner earlier in 2010 and Clacton Bus rally 2010 marks its rally debut under his ownership.

B13 - UUF335J Leyland Leopard / Plaxton (Southdown / J Roberts)
New to Southdown Motor Services in 1971 as its 1835. The coach is now preserved in North Essex by John Roberts and was the 2009 Rally Control vehicle.

B14 - CCB861 Bedford OB / Duple Vista (Felix of Long Melford)
New to Ribblesdale in 1951 the vehicle has also worked with Saunders of Lowestoft, Burton of Norwich and Mulleys of Ixworth before going to Alex Head for preservation. The coach has since been owned by A Thompson of Kettering and Mulleys Motorways of Ixworth before being purchased by Felix who are restoring the vehicle.

B15 - DBU889 Bedford OB / Duple Vista (Felix of Long Melford)
This vehicle was new to Smiths of Wigan in 1947. It has also been owned by Redwood Coaches and has spent part of its life on a fruit farm. The coach has been with its present owners since around 1986. It was fully restored and put back into PCV use for Private Hire work.

B16 - IIL4317 Neoplan Cityliner Clover Red/Atlantic Coast
New to Clevedon Motorways, Bristol in 1982, it was converted in the late l990s to a Band Touring bus for the music industry and run byAtlantic Coast/Jumbo Cruiser. It was acquired by its present owner in May 2007 for preservation.

B17 – TXI8756 Dennis Lancet / Jonckeere (Dons of Dunmow)
New to Youngs of Brampton, Cambridge, it then moved to Supreme Coaches, Hadleigh. The coach then passed to Ayres, Dalkeith (Scotland) before being acquired by Don’s of Dunmow in November 1989. It is fitted with 33 seats, toilet and drinks machine. It started life with a Perkins 6354.4 engine; Don’s have changed this to a Cummins C Series 210BHP engine similar to a Dennis Javelin. It is fitted with a LEZ compliant Eminox Exhaust system.

B18 - NWW163K - Bristol LH / Plaxton (Coachman Classic Cream/Green)
New to Robinsons of Blackpool before working with Bassetts of Stoke on Trent. Now in the preservationist’s own livery having been repainted from Bassetts livery in early 2009.

B19 - HFL14N - Bedford YMQ / Plaxton (Kenzies)
New to Kenzies of Shepreth in 1981, this Plaxton Bodied Bedford YMQ is still working for Kenzies today and is entered by the Cambridge Omnibus Society on behalf of Kenzies.

C1 - N3I6HGP - Iveco Tow Truck (Hedingham Omnibuses)
One of two Recovery vehicles in the Hedingham Fleet.

C2 - EUJ3O2H - Atkinson Recovery Lorry (Eastern National)
Former Eastern National Recovery vehicle, fleet number 0109. It operated from the Duke Street, Chelmsford depot for over 20 years before being withdrawn and preserved in an immaculate condition.

C3 - UVX7S Bristol LH / ECW (Eastern National / F Lawrance)
One of 4 similar vehicles delivered new to Eastern National in 1977, it was fleet number 1103. It was sold to Hedingham Omnibus in 1982 and spent 17 years in service with Hedingham before being withdrawn and entering preservation. The present owner acquired her in 2006 and had her repainted into the current Tilling dual-purpose style livery during 2007.

C4 - FWC439H - Bristol RELL / ECW (Eastern National / D Edwards)
New in 1969 as one of 5 Flat front RE’s in the FWC series. Numbered 1516 it was allo­cated to Chelmsford, but also worked at Kelvedon and Silver End depots before ending its working days at Chelmsford. In 1983 it was sold to Ensignbus dealers and was sold to Kent County Council who converted it into an 8 berth caravan for use with the council as a holiday home for under privileged children. It was sold to a private owner in Peterborough during the early 1990s, but suffered from a lack of care. It was purchased for preservation in 1996 and slowly converted back into to a bus. The present owner acquired the vehicle in 2001 and continued to restore the vehicle back from a mobile home.

C5 – UAR597W - Bristol VR / ECW (Eastern National)
New to Eastern National as fleet number 3l07 in 1981. The vehicle has worked across Essex, ending its Eastern National service at Walthamstow Garage before transferring to Western National. It later entered preservation and required much mechanical work undertaken. Its present owner acquired the vehicle in July 2009.

C6 - S59ETW - Bristol LS / ECW (Eastern National)
New to Eastern National in 1955 as 1237 it is now preserved in the South Essex Area

C7 - OWC152D - Bristol MW / ECW (Eastern National)
New in 1966 to Eastern National, this bus spent time working for Tilling during its early life. The vehicle is now preserved in South Essex.

C8 - OSJ512 - Morris Commercial CVF13/5 (Jersey Motor Transport)
Built in 1948 this 27-seater with Wadham Brothers Body was one of six (67-72) supplied to Jersey after the second world war. Now the only survivor it was originally J11429 serving on the Island from 1948 until 1966 when it returned to England for preservation

C9 - JJD463D - AEC Routemaster / Park Royal (London.United)
RML 2463 was built in 1966 for London Transport. This particular vehicle is one of the few Routemasters to be fitted with a Cummins B Series engine and fully automatic gearbox. It worked at many garages including Upton Park, Tottenham, Putney, Ash Grove, Stamford Hill, New Cross and Shepherds Bush until withdrawal from service in September 2004 after a 38 year service life.

C10 - JJD539D - AEC Routemaster / Park Royal (London Central)
RML 2538 was built in 1966 for London Transport as one of the production batch of extended (30 ft long) Routemasters. Like RML 2463 it worked at many garages across London Transport. RML 2538 ended its service days at Camberwell in 2003 when route 12 was operated by articulated buses. It has since been repanelled and painted at Busworks in Blackpool, remaining in its “as withdrawn” livery and condition apart from necessary repairs and tidying up.

C11- LLU610 - AEC RT (London Transport)
Originally a Green Line vehicle in 1950 until 1965, it was demoted to Country Bus until 1972. it was then repainted in red and worked in Central London until retired from service in 1979. It entered preservation in April 1979.

C12 - JJT398D - AEC Routemaster (Layer Marney Tower)
RML 2398 is a London Transport vehicle now with an Iveco engine. She operated out of Putney Garage mainly serving the 14 and 22 routes. She is now used to collect guests for weddings and conferences at Layer Marney Tower.

C13 - UFM53F - Bristol RELL / ECW (Crosville / P Ashman)
New to Crosville as ERG53 in 1966 it worked many routes across the North West with Crosville, mainly in the Chester area. It has been extensively, and expensively, restored at and returned to Class VI operation in time for the Ensignbus Running Day in 2009. The vehicle is privately preserved in the Essex Area.

C14 - 5789A11 - Bristol K / ECW Eastern Counties (Eastern Transport Collection)
One of a number of vehicles from the Eastern Transport Collection this vehicle was new to Eastern Counties in 1959. It is often seen at rallies, especially in the Norfolk area along with other vehicles from that collection.

C15 - EX6566 - Leyland PD2 (Great Yarmouth Corporation / EATM)
New as a batch of 10 Leyland PD2s lasting with Yarmouth until 1966. it passed to Mulley’s, Ixworth in 1966. After being laid up it entered preservation in the 1980’s. It was fully restored by Hedingham Omnibuses in 1996 and donated to the East Anglia Transport Museum in 2009.

C16 - GR9007 - Crossley DD42 (Sunderland Corporation)
One of a batch of 6 delivered to Sunderland Corporation Transport in April 1947. It was converted to a mobile polling station and used as such from 1962 to 1972. It was rescued from a dealers in 1985. Restoration did not start until acquisition by its current owner in 1999. Restoration took 7 years as the body had to be completely rebuilt

C17 - AJN825 - Bristol K / ECW (Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services / AJN Group)
New to Westcliff-on-Sea Motor Services in 1939. It transferred to Eastern National when the two companies merged under Tilling Group Ownership in the mid 1950s. The vehicle was re­tained by Eastern National as a heritage vehicle for many years, being restored to Westcliff condition. In the early 1990s, the side of the vehicle was badly burnt in a depot fire in Walton where it was being stored. The vehicle has since been restored again and was sold by Firstgroup to an employee group who have fully restored the vehicle to its current glorious standard. The seating and interior have been completely re-covered during the winter. This venerable vehicle is probably the oldest bus at the Clacton 2010 rally.

C18 - VN0859 - Bristol KSW / ECW (Eastern National / 1407 Preservation Group)
New to Eastern National in 1953 at around the same time as the Hicks Brothers take over by the company, this vehicle was fitted with staggered top deck seating for London routes from the Halstead/Braintree areas. It was also fitted from new with Rear platform doors. It is now preserved by the 1407 Presentation Group and is a regular rally attendee at rallies the East Anglia Region.

C19 - WNO479 - Bristol KSW ECW (Eastern National / First)
The only KSW to have remained with Eastern National and its successors. This open top bus became part of the First East England heritage fleet based in Clacton and is used for occasional wedding hire and similar private hire work.

C20 - WN0480 - Bristol KSW / ECW (Talisman Coachlines)
Owned by local coach operator Talisman, WN0480 was new to Eastern National, like the other two entered, as a closed top vehicle. It was converted by the company and has since worked for Town & Country before entering preservation. It is now part of the Heritage fleet at Talisman Coachlines.

C21 - WN0482 - Bristol KSW / ECW (Eastern National)
One of several Open Top KSWs still remaining from Eastern National, having been converted from closed top buses by the company. It was returned to the road in 2009 in time for the Southend Open Top Weekend in August after a few years in store.


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